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Do not miss anything

During the English Premier League(EPL), receive live match results of any team of the English Premier League via SMS.

In addition, you will also get news and the standing of the top 4 teams and of the team you have selected at the beginning of the week.

The above services are only available by subscription* at Rs 10(excl VAT) per team per month. (normal sms tariff also applies)

*The subscription will be automatically renewed after every 30 days, unless you stop the service.

Info service

You can also receive the following information, without subscription

For this info service, you will be charged at normal sms tariff (60 cents for Orange prepay customers and 50 cents for Orange postpay customers).

Know the code of your favourite team

Team Code
Arsenal ars
Aston Villa ast
Cardiff car
Chelsea che
Crystal Palace cry
Everton eve
Fulham ful
Hull City hul
Liverpool liv
Manchester City manc
Manchester Utd manu
Newcastle new
Norwich nor
Southampton sth
Stoke City sto
Sunderland sun
Swansea swa
Tottenham tot
West Bromwich Albion wba
West Ham United wes

How to proceed?

To subscribe to receive live match results for any team of EPL
send by sms < epl > space < code of your team > to 8282.

To receive the codes of all EPL teams
send by sms < get > space < code > to 8282.

To receive date of the next fixture of any EPL team
send by sms < get > space < fix > space < code of your team > to 8282.

To receive the head to head statistics between any 2 teams in EPL
send < get > space < hh > space < code of first team > space < code of the second team > to 8282.

To know the current form of any team
send < get > space < form > space < code of your favourite team > to 8282

To get help on the service
send < help > to 8282

To know about all your current subscriptions
Send < recall > space < epl > to 8282.

To stop receiving live sms alerts for the on-going match
send < snooze > space < teamcode > to 8282.

To stop the service for a particular team
Send < stop > space < epl > space < team code > to 8282.